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Aug. 16, 2016
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  • redthatsme commented on torklugnutz's instructable DIY LATCH system retrofit2 months ago
    DIY LATCH system retrofit

    While I agree that this should not be done by the AVERAGE person in the exact manner shown, it is very wrong to completely dismiss the idea. Your children must live very sheltered lives not being allowed to ride in grandpas classic Chevy. I will be doing this in the back of our YJ wrangler and my full circle eyelets will be bolted into the frame on the underside with large, thicker washers. The size of the bolts used for the original back seatbelts are downright hilarious. I wouldn't trust them for a second. Their shear strength cannot compare to that of the eyelets in question here. I will not be using carabiners as the britax latches connect directly onto the eyelets. However, several climbing carabiners available are far stronger than welds used in the automotive industry. Loctite will also be used in excess and the whole assembly once mounted will be painted to prevent corrosion.More about welding, it was stated by a commenter that "seatbelts are welded to the frame of the car." Your knowledge on the subject is not adequate for you to make that comment as it is not true about MANY manufactured vehicles.I will not be sheltering my children and forcing them to remain in a bubble. You cannot claim that any set up, yes I'm including that 2016 Volvo, is "SAFE" in an automobile accident. There can only be comparisons of which is "safer." In this case the plastic clips which hold the carseat belts together give long before the mounts. Seatbelts are very strong, yes the really really are, but the mounts holding them and the associated clip receivers are just not comparable to THICK steel. There is just so much ignorance floating around on this post I felt OBLIGATED to chime in. I have additional, nearly new, vehicles at hand. You cannot call someone a horrible parent for doing this (though additional beefiness is preferred to what has been pictured). To assume that every ingenious idea that is "right" would make the inventor rich is also very ignorant. Your attitude is eating away at America.

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