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I forgot to congratulate you, for the interest you have on Electronic stuffs, at this age... I appreciate that... Keep up the good work.  But, Don't stop until you find the answer......!
revhead (author)  Dhinesh kumar6 years ago
haha, no worries, i make an effort to reply to all my comments, and help thoses that ask for help relating to my instructable, after all isnt that what this web site is all about??
yeah, if u do stumble apon as to how my project actually works let me know! electronics has always been a hobby, i recently made stereo LED light bars that flash to music, not mono, stereo which is pretty cool! i plan on turning it into an instructbale while i make a second one for a friend of mine because i didnt document mine well enough with pictures while i made mine!
First of all,  Thank you for your reply. Its ok. If i could find the answer,  surely I will  make it  available to you to too.... I didnt expect that you would reply to my comment, since it was so long.... Thank you.
fvbno7 years ago
how mutch did it cost you????????????
revhead (author)  fvbno7 years ago
i had most of the materials needed at school but i stil needed to spend about 60-70 dollars for everything. prices may vary depending o which stores you visit and if you buy in bulk or not.

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