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  • Gift for Coffee Addicts | How to Make a Shadow Box

    Thanks for the great idea. I hadn't thought of coffee beans for my coffee addict friends. A few years ago I made an "emergency chocolate" case for my sister who is a chocoholic. I found a large rectangular candy bar that was only about 1/4" thick. I cut a piece of 1/4" plywood the same size as the candy. I then carefully unwrapped the candy bar and used the paper to wrap the plywood. I then had a "chocolate" candy bar that wouldn't spoil. I built a case that was sized for the candy. I added a small wooden hammer (normally used for cracking crab/lobster shells) and attached it to the case using a small chain. I don't have any pictures but maybe others can come up with other uses for your Instructable. By the way I did give her the chocolate in a ziplock bag.

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