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Oct. 20, 2007
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  • rf commented on comsa42's instructable DIY Nunchuck Controller for Electric Skateboards!3 months ago
    DIY Nunchuck Controller for Electric Skateboards!

    The Nunchuck stick also has almost no travel, compared to all the other controllers. Hardly any physical room for joystick movement to provide control resolution. A very non-linear and tiny stick movement. More like a forward/reverse on-off switch.You could put all this to rest with a video. Show the wheels spinning freely, starting at a nice slow rpm, where we can still read the letters on the wheels. Progressing slowly through all of your high-resolution speed levels. Giving enough time at each speed to dispel any question of Nunchuck jumpiness and low resolution.Sorry to be a pain. Just trying to save others some time. Working with the Nunchuck was rewarding, but sadly never really up to the task. Your implementation, within it's limitations is pretty great.Thanks.

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  • rf commented on comsa42's instructable DIY Nunchuck Controller for Electric Skateboards!3 months ago
    DIY Nunchuck Controller for Electric Skateboards!

    No. I've used several. And Nunchuck controlled skateboards built by others. Just watching your video reminded me of it. My RC controlled board started out nice and slow and had lots of smooth steps along the way. Yours jumps to speed right away. There's not enough resolution to do the job properly. Try an RC controller, you'll see what I mean. Nunchucks are usable, but awful compared to a decent (or even a cheap) RC controller. Lots of folks have used Nunchucks to control their homebrew electric skateboards. Most have moved on to better stuff. People have tried all kinds of tricks, cruise-control, etc., to try to make the Nunchuck better. It's not worth the trouble. Sorry. Much better to make a smaller case for an RC controller. Try one once and you'll give up on the Nunchuck. Here's a video of a commercial skateboard product, the Metroboard, that demonstrates the Nunchuck control.  Notice that they use the joystick as an on-off switch -- because there's so little resolution.  They use the cruise-control ploy to make it useful.  (Cruise control on a skateboard sounds like a recipe for disaster.)  A really powerful skateboard would be very dangerous with this sort of control. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMYhUHeX5Fg Here's an RC controlled board, with plenty of adjustable/programmable, smooth control. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ltfktAvOnk Here's another RC example, with a cool special mini controller. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywUfqtKF8Zg&feature=youtu.be The mini controller looks very nice, wish it wasn't so expensive.

    Yep. Wii Nunchuck is kinda cool. Set one up with my electric skateboard build a couple years ago. Unfortunately, the pot in Nunchuck is pretty junk. Way too low resolution and too sloppy. Seen others use them and eventually learn how to work around the sloppy controls. Ended up modifying an RC controller. Not as tiny as the Wii Nunchuck. But the controls were way better.Spent a lot of time trying to make the Nunchuck work. Wasted effort. A skateboard really needs better control. The Nunchuck is only slightly better than an on/off swtich. Don't waste your time.

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