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  • rfschell commented on Kreat0r's instructable A Best kept secret to Losing weight1 year ago
    A Best kept secret to Losing weight

    That's just not true. That has been the thinking for years, eat three squares a day. If you want to find out more truth about intermittent fasting, go to (no, I am not affiliated with the site at all, just a member) and listen to the M.D.s one after another explain it to you. These are really great doctors, listen to a few of their videos, and you can make up your own mind. And eating less does burn more -- if you eat the right foods. This country eats way too many carbs.

    go to web site. It's fantastic info to educate yourself. It's all M.D.'s that explain this. It's a low carb diet -- that's the key to intermittent fasting and it's very very healthy for you. I have dropped my cholesterol with no medication using this method.

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