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  • rhodepartners commented on Treadmaps's instructable Portable Bicycle Water Pump2 years ago
    Portable Bicycle Water Pump

    Hi Treadmaps, I am an architect in Austin TX designing a small installation at an elementary school. The idea is a hydroelectric science experiment station, where kids interact with water, its properties, its kinetic energy, and even test rainwater samples. The idea is that the kids actually pump the water into the interactive portion of the pavilion. Your bike pump is a great idea and widely used in irrigation around the world... however your system is the only one I can find so far being sold online. We are on a budget and could buy the DIY components but do not wish to hire a specialist or scout the PTA for volunteers to build this thing. If you are interested in selling it and sending it to us for this project please message me! Thank you. Becca, designer, Rhode Partners Inc Austin, TX

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