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  • richfiles commented on tomheylen's instructable How to fix bad Chinese Arduino clones6 months ago
    How to fix bad Chinese Arduino clones

    Oddly enough, the CH340G chip has proven to be a solution to a problem plaguing people building controllers/cockpits for Kerbal Space Program. The stock standard Atmel 16U2 based Arduinos were not properly communicating under Windows 10, and we STILL have not found a solution. It was discovered that communication is fine when using the CH340G and it's different drivers.Weird, but hey, whatever works, right! Still trying to track down the 16U2 communication issue with Windows 10 though. For the time being... I'm simply not gonna use an Arduino that uses a 16U2 for my build.Now the fun part... Finding an eBay listing that doesn't annoyingly put BOTH 16U2 and CH340G in the listing title to stage extra hits./)_-

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