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afridave1 month ago

thanks rick....


You posted an answer to a question that was asked a few years ago. The question was about how to measure the inductance of a coil at home. You said that the easiest way was to " Place a capacitor of known value in parallel with the Inductor and apply a voltage of known frequency to the setup; vary the frequency and to determine when resonance occurs".

My question is: is there a way to determine the resonant point, without using an Oscilloscope.

rickharris (author)  david.vassell.354 months ago

does this link help you?

I have posted your question in the wider questions and answers area.

pnag12 years ago
thanks for the rc plane tips sir
Xixfas3 years ago
i put in about an hour of research
Aralooloo4 years ago
Thanks for the skateboard tips sir!
rickharris (author)  Aralooloo4 years ago
For sure I am no expert. Your welcome
ritnish4 years ago
yes In my workshop i am running 6 tubeslight of 40 watts day and night so if I use energy directly from solar light is it possible for day purpose as in night i can use alternative power
iproberry14 years ago
thx for best answering me
tbcross6 years ago
Hi I was reading some of your comments in an old article on using no. 6 plastics and was wondering if you might know if gift cards can be used. The number of the plastic is not listed on the cards. My children have stacks of these and they have illustrations on them that are very cute like squirrels and transformers and even their favorite TV characters. I thought it would be neat if I could somehow shrink them a bit for necklaces or just melt them a tad for key chains etc. Any help would be great. Thanks :)
Hi. Thanks for helping me with that question, I chose it as best answer. I will hopefully take your advice and move on! :) Have a great life while it lasts
:-) Thanks, I always enjoy myself - made it a rule when I was very young.

Life is not a rehearsal! so make the best of every day!.

alxram8 years ago
Hi Rick,

I hope you don't mind, I've added you to our group... you're welcome to join!
adbak9 years ago
Hey rickharris, I was wondering if you had any tips or could provide any information on cutting acrylic. Your idea for the mood light is awesome and I want to try it, but I haven't the first clue on how to (besides scoring with a utility knife over and over again) best cut acrylic. Thanks, Adam
rickharris (author)  adbak9 years ago
I cut it with a band saw but any saw that will cut wood or metal would do - and a bit of arm effort.