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  • riddlywalker made the instructable From File to Knife (with Simple Tools)5 months ago
    From File to Knife (with Simple Tools)

    I lost me favourite everyday knife, and looked for a new one for a long time.. most of the pocket knives I liked lock, and are illegal in the UK, as are fixed blades..however, I found your instructable, and it got me started.. days of fiddling about and I have a street legal friction folder- one old file, already broken, and mostly bits from the studio.. (problem is, you are now responsible for an addiction.. how do you stop making knives?)Thank you.

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  • From File to Knife (with Simple Tools)

    You will use up a LOT of dremel discs cutting this much material...

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  • Stop using Ferric Chloride etchant!  (A better etching solution.)

    Thank you for this very useful 'recipe', it worked very well etching heavy (1.5mm) copper sheet using photocopy resist to create dog tags and other jewellery. My only addition to this instructable is- keep the coper flat when etching to get an even etch, I tried suspending a two sided piece in the solution, and although it worked fast, there was a tendency to leave heavy 'flow' marks on the surface- possibly something to do with the debris leaving the surface? Pieces left flat in the tank with some rocking agitation were fine.....I will check and see if there is an instructable on photocopy resist, and maybe add one?

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