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Vyger1 year ago

I too have noticed a shift in some of the instructables that have been showing up but I think its due more to the changing attitude of some of the newer younger staff. For many years now, movies, schools, TV shows, and social media (and probably a lot of other things) have been pushing a form of sexual liberalism. Basically anything with anyone is OK is what the message has become. The concept of morals has pretty much faded away and been replaced with one of "if it feels good, do it". We are getting to the point that any kind of perversion is considered OK and to speak out against it is wrong. This trend is being reflected in new laws that are showing up as well. For those of us who still believe in moral values it's a dilemma. If we give up saying anything then we indirectly give our approval of the new trend. Staying silent is a form of approval. On the other hand speaking out marks you as someone who is not accepting of what others want.

I think you can see that this can be a very involved debate but the fact is packing up and leaving is a form of giving approval and acceptance. So stick around and keep objecting. Having someone who will say "this is wrong" is a valuable thing and might even cause others to reconsider the path they are on.

antoniraj1 year ago

your update shows that you are planning to leave instructables soon... don't leave. you have posted nice and useful instructables and now you can post in Spanish also (with English translation so that we can also read). hope to see more from you

Trustthapo1 year ago

Your instructables are very interesting! I will try plastic welding soon, there are lots of things I can fix now, haha

rimar2000 (author)  Trustthapo1 year ago

Thanks for your compliment, Trustthapo.

Trustthapo1 year ago

Your instructables are very interesting! I will try plastic welding soon, there are lots of things I can fix now, haha

I am here to thank you for the patch. So, thanks!

antoniraj2 years ago

thank you for the patch...


Thank you for the patch!

siemenc2 years ago

Thanks for the patch!

Barb372 years ago

I enjoy your style of writing. Your
style seems to reflect your thinking and problem-solving as you work on
your projects. Your instructions are easy to follow, and your
problem-solving teaches me how to think so I can figure out how to solve
my own problems.

You also re-purpose items - that is to say that you don't put items in the garbage, you keep items, knowing you will probably find a new use for them sometime in the future. I love that!

I also appreciate the contributions you make in
projects of others who post instructions. I've been reading your
various comments for a long time, and in countless projects. Only today
did I realize so many helpful comments come from ONE man!

Thank you very much for all you do, Mr. rimar2000!

rimar2000 (author)  Barb372 years ago
Thanks, Barb37, your kind words are very heartwarming to me.

Thank you very much, and I'll ry to see if I can work on the stabilization issues :D

rimar2000 (author)  TrollFaceTheMan2 years ago

I think you can improve a lot your next videos, only practicing. When I see MY first videos, they are like yours. I don't use tripod, but keep firm the camera.

Okay, thanks for the advice

sparhawk72 years ago

i just wanted to let you know that, i've read a lot of instructables, and i've been collecting research for a few years before i get started on my whole workshop and everything too much... and i idolize you, sometimes i'll have an idea, and don't know how to implement it, and every single time i can count upon you and the rest of the instructables community to help me figure it out. thank you. you're a wonderful, intelligent, and astounding person.