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  • Make a UAV for research and photography

    Did a good job with this instructable, Looks great, like others follow up would be nice. Also my option about Fox News is seems to give both sides ofmost if not all topics. So to just say Fox News, bad :( Would vote for you on the build though. More information andpictures that you have been able to get. Two cameras seems like a good idea aswell.

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  • rlg54 commented on offseid's instructable The Incredible Flying Paper Tube1 year ago
    The Incredible Flying Paper Tube

    The instructions are real good, if they did not work for youslow down and make sure you crease every fold. And take your time you will getit.Check turbo tube by wamo, on YouTube. Also x-zylo on YouTube.To learn how they fly and how to throw them. They were fun back in the 60’s.Made them out of paper back then too.

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