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Nov. 24, 2015
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  • Static Shock (absorber) Discharger to Never Get Shocked by Static Again.

    Dear morsed2 - Your reply was that a 1.5 ohm resistor would not work. Remarkable detective work on your part as the article does not mention a 1.5 ohm resistor but rather a 1.5 M ohm resistor. Now my putting a typo into my comment does not actually justify your near snotty remark.Have a nice day.

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  • Static Shock (absorber) Discharger to Never Get Shocked by Static Again.

    Great idea. I hate getting popped as well, which usually happens in the winter when the air is drier allowing greater build up of static electrical charges.

    LauriS9 - The resistor is there to allow a slow discharge of the electrical between yourself and the car. If you just use metal the metal will connect you to the car with little resistance and you'll get popped just as if you touched the car directly. If you just use plastic or another insulator the electrical delta between yourself and the car will not discharge and when you finally touch any metal part of the car you will get popped. The 1,5 ohm resistor allows a slow discharge, and your body won't sense the slow discharge.

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