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  • Wii Remote IR Camera Hack With Arduino Interface

    Has anyone had success with the purchased camera from If so, I have a question about what it is capable of.What hardware is built into the camera? The picture on this product's Wiki makes it seem like it plugs straight into the VCC, GND, SLA, and SDA of the Arduino with absolutely no hardware or circuits required, but I feel like this might be too good to be true.Is it true that you don't use a 25 MHz crystal, an LTC4301L 3.3-to-5 V converter, a surface mount to DIP adapter, a hex inverter IC, or any resistors/capacitors?Thank you!

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  • robotgirl24 commented on headslant's instructable Magnetic Levitation1 year ago
    Magnetic Levitation

    Hi,I have several questions that probably arise more from my inexperience than from any lack of clarity in your instructions.-Can I use any electromagnet, or does it need to be 12V 5W 10kg P30 like the one in your link? How did you choose these specs? Would it be feasible to wind one's own solenoid using magnet wire?-Could you describe in more detail (a drawing maybe) the polarity of the electromagnet and the permanent magnets? I was confused by your description in step 15. Why are there three permanent magnets?-Is the potentiometer used for any purpose other than calibration? Couldn't this same function be achieved in the code instead? Maybe I'm misinterpreting its use...

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