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1154946 years ago
hey if youve made that ipod charger could post it because it is just awesome
Elipsit6 years ago
Hey I like the inductive charging instructable and i'm thinking about making my own but i was wondering where you got you formula's for the frequency and capacitance and coil size ?  Any help you give would be great.
sk.mobeen7 years ago
no matter how simple u make things average joes like me get silly doubts....like this one:
in ur "wireless power" instructable u used what gauge wire for primary and secondary coils and u followed which type of gauge aystem AWG or SWG??

""u already cleared some of my doubts very patiently...i should thank u for that..""
From the looks of his pictures and the pictures depicted from the link to radioshack I'd say the answer is by simple color coding to figure out which wire is which.

eyebot1177 years ago
Hey, robotkid249! I'm building wireless transfer coils, and I'm having problems... I left a more in-depth description of my problem in your instructable, but I don't know if you saw that yet. I can't get a signal through the coils, and the LED isn't lighting up (no matter which frequency I try). It may be something simple like a bad connection, or something serious such as the wrong number of turns in either of my coils, or worse-the wrong capacitors... I was working off of your instructable, but now it seems I'm on my own... I have an oscilloscope, and a large function generator, but nothing I've tried has worked yet.... Any ideas or things to check? I'd appreciate any help I can get, because my deadline ends in two days!
sk.mobeen7 years ago
hi robotkid249 u r GREATE man....ur instuctables are very good,challenging and u make them so easily understandable.Good Work Dude. I'm shocked after knowing ur age..u r so young and sooooo intelligent...u r a real GENIUS....i'm sk.mobeen from india my mail id is sk.mobeen@gmail.com. i wud like to chat wid you....if free please give me ur id....

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