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March 9, 2016
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  • How to open a light bulb without breaking it

    Hey man ' good idea & by C F L bulbs do you mean those curly bulbs that came out a few yrs. ago ? The ones that are supposed to use less energy & last twice as long as a normal bulb ? yeh rite !! I had thought about trying that w/ one of those ' but wasent sure of how to go about doing it . Well if they contain mercury ' that idea is a bust . Unless U think I could possibly do it out side & be VERY carefull that the wind is blowing away from me or others !! Do u think that it is at all possible ? I just think they would be cool to make some thing out of a couple of them rather than throughig them out . Some how my computer got messed up 'so if u could reply to my face book I should be able to get your respons . It is jimmiesteve47@gmail.com ' James Rodgers . Sorry about that ' but I'm still fairly new to this computer thing & I am no typist either .

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  • Easy Electric Bike Conversion Kit Installation

    Very cool 'how much $ for this kit ? & how far can you go on a single charge ? Jimmie R

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