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  • Control ESP8266 over the internet (from anywhere)

    I did make this and I even rewrote the code so there is only 1 button to push and it will toggle between off and on. But I have another idea and I am new to the esp8266, so I figured I would ask here. what I want to do is to take 2 esp8266 and make like a led flashing (Morse Code) toy. there will be 2 units, with 2 leds. grn led will flash as you push the switch so you can see the flash code you are sent to the other unit. the 2nd unit will flash the red led as the 1st unit button is pushed. And Vise Versa. I do not want to set one up at a server, I would like both to be clients and connect to the same home network. This is the first step to another project but I do not know if this can be done. I welcome any and all help/suggestions

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    Mini JAMMA Arcade Machine

    Would love to grab one... but being in VA and driving a Volvo would make it a tight fit.

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