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  • ron351 commented on DIY Hacks and How Tos's instructable Laser Tripwire Alarm1 month ago
    Laser Tripwire Alarm

    Thanks I will have to look into what the 555 timer is and what is IC? Dummy here on all this stuff. And monostable mode, all greek to me. My bro n law is pretty good with electronics and may be asking him for help on this also.The garage door sensors have 2 wires each coming out of each of them, I have extra wire run in PVC to the garage so connecting them together won't be a issue if needed. The wire ran is 4 pair phone wire so maybe that will help if I need it

    I just bought a pair of garage door laser sensors that stops the door from closing and can something more simple be made using these garage door beams so when broken it sounds a beep from a audio device? I thought of trying something basic and maybe a couple reflectors and thought it might be simple as breaking the beam and when it does sound a beep for like 5 seconds or something

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