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    Inkjet Printing on Fabric

    I have tried a laser printer, not treated the fabric [cotton sheet from thrift shop]and it was great [guy at post office helped-as it was the shop printer and i had to pay of course about 60p a A3 size print ] backed with freezer paper came out great and i washed it in washing machine [with some dark towel ...in case the colors ran , but it came out looking as good as it did before being washedalso tried inkjet not bad - but def not washable, faded to very pale black with no colors i was really disappointed-i would buy a laser printer-but they are so large [as i would want an A3]i even tried a homemade pre-treatment [on the net] took time and results were abysmal and almost all of it washed awayi think the laser printing is beautiful [though check your colors i as the guy in post office sharpened up my pics and density and lightened them up a tad-what a difference that made so........i would only use inkjet -if i never intended to wash the printed piece -end of

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