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Keith-Kid8 years ago
how come u no got no picatuur? Oh, and hi
royalestel (author)  Keith-Kid7 years ago
I was just gone for a while.
xACIDITYx7 years ago
How does he have a Burning questions patch if he has no 'ibles?
royalestel (author)  xACIDITYx7 years ago
Well, I posted a bunch, then left the site and unpublished them all. I'm back, and now I'm publishing them again.
username9 years ago
Royal, Great meeting you this evening. We'll have to see what we can do to get others out of the "woodwork". Savannah is full of great ability, unfortunately its not always as visible (or collaboratively collective) as a lot of other cities. 'till then build, destroy, re-build,instruct, modify, fabricate, have fun, ....
royalestel (author)  username9 years ago
I say, "Heck yeah!", Stephen. I'm on the lookout for my own electric scooter. Let me know if you sight one in the trash, eh? That was fun! I'm working on an instructable for the ornithopter today. Hope you're having a great one, man. Cheers! Royal
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ewilhelm9 years ago
Thanks for sharing your project, and welcome to Instructables! Let me know if you have any questions.