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  • rroque17 commented on bonnetx's instructable Walking biped (4 servos per leg)2 years ago
    Walking biped (4 servos per leg)

    Hello,I downloaded the igs file and converted into stl which most 3dhubers used. This is one stl file with all the parts combined together including the servo model. They are molded together and are very hard to print separately. Can someone recreate stl files with separate parts as shown in the drawing above. Two separate parts for the Green hips and foot. Three separate parts for the the burgundy knee, shins and ankle. Minus the black servo parts. So 5 stl files total. Having an stl file for each part will be the quickest way to get a quote on 3d printing.If someone has 3d printed via the igs file, can you please send me instructions

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