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  • rsfluffy commented on kdac's instructable Concrete Coffee Table2 months ago
    Concrete Coffee Table

    Very good and thought provoking. Your's is done and you will see...How about, like your method of attaching the top, you made short versions for thefeet, epoxy them in? A short piece of rod and a nut, make it look like it's bolted to the floor! Follow me?

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  • rsfluffy commented on danthemakerman's instructable Kiridashi Marking Knife6 months ago
    Kiridashi Marking Knife

    If I may make a suggestion, the pin is given short shift. Did you peen it at all? Simply sand it down? I know how I would do it but I read these instructables to see how others do it. I might learn a thing or two.Other than that it is a great! I especially appreciate, the annealing, heat treatment and tempering. So many get the terms wrong.

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