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  • Make 4 Useful Things From 9V Dead Battery

    In Australia now the nominal mains supply is 230V and up to 250V 50 Htz . In the US it's 117V nominally at 60 htz. In Europe it is 220V nominally at 50 Htz.

    Yes, I wasn't tricked by anyone just a what if in my own head, but my most unfortunate experience was when I first started in radio in 1962 with a radio B battery of 90V. Lucky I wasn't silly enough to put that on my tongue but two wet fingers were enough. I commenced an apprenticeship in electrical and radio trades in 1965 and found out 240 & 415V shocks were much much worse. You learn to respect electricity otherwise you don't last long on this earth working with electricity, 30mA through the heart are the requirements for ventricular fibrillation followed closely by a trip through the door of no return.

    One would think it was a 117V mains and not 240V otherwise you may not be telling us this story.

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