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  • rusty2926 commented on Pricklysauce's instructable Bike Tyre Speaker1 month ago
    Bike Tyre Speaker

    I guess I'll ask the question everyone else seems to be avoiding....WHY??? Why make it out of a bike tire?

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  • rusty2926 commented on ShiftyTips's instructable DIY Air Conditioner3 months ago
    DIY Air Conditioner

    Nice video but a 2 degree drop isn't much for all the trouble and expense. I bought a $15 box fan from my local store and place it in one of my windows and then opened another window in my house and could feel a drop in temp within 10 minutes. You can play with it and see which way works best for you, either blowing in or blowing out. It works on the same principle as the whole house fans they seem not to use anymore.

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  • rusty2926 commented on tomasz.ferdek's instructable KOZMO - cool, small sportscar6 months ago
    KOZMO - cool, small sportscar

    I've seen this up here before..It is a cool car but this is you design and the car is built for you, so why should everyone else provide you funding? Finish the car with your own money!If you can't...then it's too expensive to build for sale to the public! Nice looking though! Hope you finish it!

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