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  • rustyfox commented on zaheerpanhwer's instructable Vertical Wind Power1 month ago
    Vertical Wind Power

    What comes after Step 1?

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  • rustyfox commented on zoe_roses's instructable how to plant hanging upsidedown tomatoes6 months ago
    how to plant hanging upsidedown tomatoes

    Sure, I'll correct you. Tomatoes are a fruit. Although that is a technical distinction, tomatoes were first used as a dessert fruit, and only within the past 100 to 130 years started being used in salads etc. My own grandfather used to grow beautiful sweet tomatoes, and we ate them with sugar and cream. We now use them as a vegetable far more than as a fruit, and many varieties now are not very sweet. If you want sweet varieties, many of the 'cherry tomatoes' are sweet. Also old heirloom varieties such as Grosse Lisse are sweeter than modern hybrids.A fruit or vegetable is determined by what part of the plant it is. http://www.livescience.com/33991-difference-fruits...So tomatoes, chillies, and even drumsticks are fruits.

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  • rustyfox commented on koncept's instructable The Ultimate Koi Pond1 year ago
    The Ultimate Koi Pond

    At the risk of sounding hypocritical I've just collected some water hyacinth here in the Philippines. I've retired here, and it's all over the place. I will use it in my aquarium and for my aquaponics, feed young leaves to my rabbits, and mulch the rest for my garden. My aquaponics setup is very small, and it doesn't take much of a change in fish numbers to either starve the plants, or have too many nutrients - I can use the water hyacinth to clean up nutrients, and harvest more plants when nutrients are low.I probably won't have more than a square metre of water hyacinths at any one time. I've read that they oxygenate water too - I'm testing that now.

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