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    This is a good tip, but I can suggest a modification which may improve it. Wood glue resists certain finishes. If you mix the fine sawdust half-and-half with flour (not self-rising flour), and add a bit of water, you have a mixture that will take a stain or varnish as well as the surrounding wood. I learned this from a friend who built boats, and he used a mixture of sawdust and flour to rub down the boats before varnishing. After rubbing with the mixture, he would remove the dust with a wet rag. Any of the mixture that was embedded in a crack would then be glued in place. In case of a small leak, the flour and water mixture would swell up, sealing the spot.

    Try mixing the sawdust with flour, and then use water to make a paste. This has roughly the same absorbtive qualities as the wood itself.

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