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Bennions894 years ago
Didn't you use to have a instructable for a coilgun rifle? What happend to that?
Kante Tech6 years ago
hey is the diode nesscearry on the ciruit board for your coilgun?
bio-logical6 years ago
hello i was just wondering wether you coul tell me what material you used for the barrel of the par-1 and the length and width of it, and whether i can use aluminium for it, also would you be able to give me the template for you par-1 casing as well thanks in advanced
hey i found a formula that determins the total length of wire needed for a coil. not 100% accurate but pretty close. not sure if it helps, but i just thought i'd tell you.

T/2(((L(pi*D))/G)+((L(pi(((T-1)G)+D)))/G))= length of wire needed for a coil. where L= length of coil, G= wire width, D= diameter of barrel, and T= total # of layers wanted. pi is pi, 3.14
what would the meaurements be in? mm? cm?
it dosen't matter as long as its all consistent. i would probably sugest using either cm or mm though.
Xenophile6 years ago
Hey. I love your coilgun Instructable! Terrific work! When you have time could you please make a railgun Instructable? I would love that! Thanks so much!
syndicate266 years ago
I understand schematics as far as what goes where. On your schematics there is no call sign explanation and that is where I have a problem. I see resistors, diodes, your LED's, 555 timer, 3 digital displays, relay, Scr's, capacitors, coils, chrg led, and a few others. I just am not familiar with PNP, and some of your call signs like U5, U4. They state IC....... and some numbers as well as something called TANTULUM, I think. I look up PNP on Wiki but it was a vauge explantion of Transistors in parellel. I wish they would give schematics. A picture is worth a thousand words. So could you help me with a list of the call signs and what they are? Unless your feeling ultra-nice and wouldn't mind drawing up a shematic with 2 mosfets, 2 pair optical sensors, and a 556 along with it's needed parts. :)

dude you are awesome nice way to make money too from the camera circuits and the cap nice seriously!!!!!!!!!!!awesome
dude awesome stuff (srrrrrrsly)
UbuntuNinja7 years ago
Can you give me approximate case dimensions for the PA-III-B and the PAR-I? Thanks
desmonb27 years ago
can u make a instructables for how to make the Pulse Accelerator Rifle 1
yes please do
yes that would be awesome (the pistol size feels a bit wimpy for the power you can get from these)
flydogfly7 years ago
Hey man how much would it cost for you to make a PAR-1 coil gun and send it to Brazil?