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Need help! I bought a used ndsl for my 6yr old.it wus all beat up cus it wus used, so I ordered a whole new body shell for it,everything worked fine wen I got it,but wen I replaced the hardshell body,the touch screen don't work anymore:( can you help!!!
ive noticed on instructables no instruction on using the chainmail ring tool. i think oyu should post it ty
stranoster9 years ago
I just posted on your collaboration with the $5 bag place in Sydney. I hope you like it. I know I do! Also I was wondering if you fence? I am currently making an instructable of how to clean a fencing foil (bell and foil, not handle) If so awesome! I've been fencing about 3 and 1/2 years.
And in your instructable you are right in calling it a sabre not a saber. Also aren't bayonet sockets no longer used? We always use 3 or 4 pin I think.
ryzellon (author)  stranoster9 years ago
Yep, saw the forum post. I'm planning my trip! Hrm. Want to continue discussion over email? Having to go through Instrructables is a little awkward. (And a good portion of my messages go missing. Grr.) - ryzellon at gmail dot com
Continuing on from a while ago, Do you ever fence tournaments in Sydney
ryzellon (author)  stranoster8 years ago
Nope. My equipment is on the wrong continent, and I'm exceedingly picky about using my own stuff.
So... Not from Australia... Oops.
i need help makeing the mini arrows can you help send me a messege
tomonto9 years ago
the more i look at it i get it except how to attach the crest on top. that is all i need. i think. thank you!
ryzellon (author)  tomonto9 years ago
I might have used the sewing machine to generally stitch the yellow fleece to the red felt, but I think I just used a curved sewing needle to tack-stitch the entire contraption to the top of the hat. I remember the stitching looking quite atrocious from the underside of the hat.
tomonto9 years ago
could you help me by posting some details on the roman centurion fleece helmet? It looks really cool and I would really like to make one! Thank You!
ewilhelm9 years ago
Thanks for sharing your project, and welcome to Instructables! Let me know if you have any questions.