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Mr. Noack2 years ago
I recognize this robot from Toronto and can attest that a picture does not do it justice. ;)

s-mooers (author)  Mr. Noack2 years ago
yes i have been in toronto. were you chucky last year?
Yes, that was me. Unfortunately Q107 didn't have one this year.
s-mooers (author)  Mr. Noack2 years ago
did you go any place this year. i went to a few bars but there wasn't much happening. do you have a new instuctable this year. did you win this last year.
Yeah, I went to the Guvernment again this year on Sat night and won first. They decided the finalists by online voting and then picked the winners based on the merits of the costume. There was not a lot of competition there this year, probably because the tickets were so expensive. This year's costume is the Krusty vs SImpsons one. My bowser costume last year won me 2nd place on instructables which was a digital camera. I've been following the contest on MY APARTMENT. What a bust! I was going to go, but I was weary of the format.
s-mooers (author)  Mr. Noack2 years ago
nice. glad to hear you did well. what was the prize at government.i was going to go there on the friday before haloween but they couldent tell me what the prizes were. i won there two or 3 years ago. it was 5000.00 in cash and prizes and they were true to there word.but it was crazy packed and it took me over an hour to get out after i won but it was fun. yea my apartment is a bust. its more like a friends status competition than a costume contest.unfortunately my costume doesn't look as good in pictures as in real life.as far as instructables goes i didn't do a very good job explaining how to build it so i don't think it will do very well is your crusty on instructables. hey if you ever need to get a hold of me my e mail is weldme1@hotmail.com or text me at 905 630 6074