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The Jamalam5 years ago
Good day sir, if you are still around. How goes it?
sammyb (author)  Millawi Legend6 years ago
Excuse me? You go against all that I stand for.
It's time for the first ever Knex Masters Tournament. The first round is here and what you need to do is show off your skills in making an original pistol. It must not have been posted before and be in the form of a slide show or a video. The first 30 entries will accepted and the 15 winners will go forward into round 2. The grand winner of round one will get a whad of 5 stars on their gun and will have the pride of winning
KnexFreek6 years ago
 would you consider subscribing to me? i have some sweet stuff coming up soon :) 
-Sorry for the spam-
I like that minigat you made.
sammyb (author)  Miles Tails Prower6 years ago
I like it
Just i don't like the way you act around me
sammy, can i ask, why do you crittisemy work and come out with horrible stuff when my m5 owns all ur guns, yeh i like ur guns but if ur nasty about mine i'll be nasty about urs
sammyb (author)  Flie-Ing GOOse9 years ago
i did not critisise your work and any way mad cat is horrible about everyones work but has not posted and instructable himself ps: sorry
it's ok, im sorry 4 kickin off at u
sammyb (author)  Flie-Ing GOOse9 years ago
hey hey are you ready to play ready to play with the tweenies
sammyb (author)  Flie-Ing GOOse8 years ago
shutup fool
calm down dude, bless u, getting too upset cos som1 wrote lol to a stupid coment u put