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  • Pure Pi: Control custom stompbox effects on a Raspberry Pi with a smartphone

    I'm having an issue with inputting audio from my guitar into pd. Output and the effects work fine I just can't get the signal from my guitar into the program. I know it's not an issue with the sound card or with the settings in pd, i can plug my phone in and not have issues. I tested all my adapters and they're working as well. I'm assuming the solution to this problem is simple but any help would be appreciated.

    do you have a recommendation on a cheap audio card??

    He output works fine. In-N-Out only stops working when i plug my guitar in (audio from my phone works fine). Here's the sound card I'm using: tried putting my overdrive pedal between the guitar and pi but it didn't work. Thanks for the advice. I guess I'll get a new audio card.

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