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sandroknexmaster (author)  www1396 days ago


www1397 days ago

what happened to the smilie train?!?!?!!? Here's one to keep you going! -.-

sandroknexmaster (author)  www1396 days ago

Don't know :p

www1399 days ago

how did you make the list of all your stuff (comments, machines, path dividers, etc.)? I can't seem to get it to work...?

sandroknexmaster (author)  www1398 days ago

What do you mean? It's in my bio.

how'd you make it on multiple lines?

sandroknexmaster (author)  www1396 days ago

With enter :p

Just saying you should send a email in to Knex and become fan of the month. You would totally get the title! Your builds are so great.

I totally agree with you.

K'nex will most likely message him soon, they messaged me and Shadowman a few days ago to become the next fans of the month.

We'll see.

I think I won't, it's asking people to notice your work, which is fine, but I like it more to wait and see people discover it :)

Thanks for the compliment!