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  • scalpshifter commented on biomech75's instructable Arduino + 2 servos + mouse2 years ago
    Arduino + 2 servos + mouse

    Hi - thank you so much for teaching me a lot about servo control via Processing and Arduino.I am building a GUI for a scientific instrument using CP5 in Processing and standardanalogfirmata on the arduino side. Is there a way to integrate your servo code with the safirmata code? I've tried a few experiments but they all failed. I can control the servos but they do not behave nearly as ideally using safirmata as they do with your arduino sketch and the servo.h include - I need to use the firmata.h include for the other controllers - any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance. Eric.

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  • scalpshifter commented on Henri.Lacoste's instructable X-Y Plotter2 years ago
    X-Y Plotter

    Thanks for the response - I have never made a G-code sketch -just arduino sketches (a different kind of sketch I reckon) so I have to learn about that. I have a little autocad experience but again I am low on the learning curve - using Fusion 360 to create parts to 3D print for the various elements of the device I am trying to make. I would love to have some guidance so thanks for the offer! I guess the next thing for me to do is experiment with Inkscape and figure out what that does - this is the first I've heard of it. You know that cliche about old dogs learning new tricks - well that pretty much defines my life! Thanks again.

    I am building a device that is a lot like an ultra-miniaturized plotter. Instead of steppers it uses small electromagnetic actuators that are controlled by PWM signals from an Arduino. I've managed to write some sketches to control the actuators but would like to, ultimately, be able to use a GUI to define patterns (the device prints molecules and other micro to nanoscale materials in a fashion directly analogous to a pen printing ink, except on a spatial scale maybe 100 to 1000 times smaller). Based on your experience do you think that grbl and the Universal G-code Sender would be applicable to this project and, if so, since I am a novice programmer, would it be too much to attempt (for me)? Thanks!

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