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Flumpkins7 years ago
Dude, just shut up. It isn't friggin school
scarrmrcc (author)  Flumpkins7 years ago
I didn't comment on your other misspellings, but when you when just use the entirely wrong word, it needs corrected. if i was being a jerk i would have pointed all the misspellings, and grammatical errors. i did not, i just corrected your tool name (people looking for an eclipse tool, will never find it) and what you told them to delete (since there is no cereal on the bill) i am sorry you do not know what things are, but since you don't know what the names of things are, perhaps you should bot be so defensive about it. heck, there is a spell-checker integrated in the site, and you still misspelled stuff. (i am not talking the use of wrong words, i am talking the stuff i did NOT point out.)
Uhmm.. This website isn't for 5 year olds, the will know what I mean.
They* will know what I mean
scarrmrcc (author)  Flumpkins7 years ago
why, instead of arguing about how it is OK, to use the wrong words, because only adults use this site (which is very wrong, heck look at the comments, most are kids), why don't you just fix it? or is your pride of error too huge to allow for the fix?
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