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samerfifa15 days ago

thank you

TomT741 month ago

Ever thought about posing nude (photographs)??

nezlobka201010 months ago

Really enjoyed your fitness tips, informative as always!


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T0BY11 months ago

OMG I LOVE the lion dog! I want to get a dog so I can dress it up! Do you think it would work on a hamster?

BartholomewH11 months ago


steve3rj1 year ago

Hey Sarah, it sure has been a long time. Interesting to see you no longer work for Instructables. I will have to go check out your new site. I finally made it out west on a long motorcycle trip around all the coast lines. Will be in SF in a few weeks YAHHHHHH


WUVIE1 year ago

Hello Schooch, are you still hosting current challenges?

Many thanks, Karen

Sounds great. Thanks for following me.

wow wow .. Thats great, Thanks for the share..

Sounds great.. Thanks for following me.

Great instructable. Thanks for following me.

wow wow wow.. dont know which one should i start with. Thanks for following and sharing with us.!!

Very informative . I like to use homemade shampoo.

MuhammadA1 year ago

homemade shampo is something tempting me, let me try and come back.

First of all i use your instructables like a bible :) You are my inspiration and I hope that you could take the time to check out my newest instructable and tell me what you think! Thanks :)