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jm0907701 year ago

you have very interesting ideas scraptopower. Thank you for sharing them.

hackmattr5 years ago
Thanks for the Comment on My brake light instructable. I love all your stirling engine instructables. Have always wanted to build one.
dude7875 years ago
thx for joining my group
Kiteman5 years ago
OK, so you've build a whole load of stirlings - which is the best to start on?

I fancy building one myself, and If I can do it, I want to repeat the exercise with a class.

scraptopower (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
You could try this one link or I'd go for the simple coke can engine that I recently posted here.
Sweet, thanks very much.
aashilrv5 years ago
Your a stirling engine pro .........
nfk115 years ago
nfk115 years ago
how did you get acheivments.
scraptopower (author)  nfk115 years ago
Mostly for being featured in the newsletter it seems, hover over the icons and it will tell you how I got them :)
tyler14406 years ago
Thank you for all the help!!!!!!
merijnvw6 years ago
Do you speak dutch? (because of your name)
scraptopower (author)  merijnvw6 years ago
No, sorry :)
Ok haha, I thought so because 'reuk' means sense of smell, and you had a cat as a photo which have good noses.
scraptopower (author)  merijnvw6 years ago
Heh, actually it chose it because I like renewable power and I'm in the UK :)