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  • sdhardie1 commented on MoritzB's instructable Use your USB flash drive as virtual RAM2 weeks ago
    Use your USB flash drive as virtual RAM

    Do you need to redo all of these settings every time you plug in that thumb drive or does it remember it when you plug it in? (I'm on a laptop, for example, and need to remove thumb drives when I pack it up for travel.) Thanks!

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  • sdhardie1 commented on nikkishell's instructable Cloth pads10 months ago
    Cloth pads

    I use clothies as backup for a cup. Very heavy, clotty flow, and the pads work wonders. I use them overnight and haven't had any issues. Bonus: no rash like I used to get w/ the plastic kind!

    I know it may come as a shock, but roughly half the world's population will menstruate over the course of a lifetime. So yes. For serious.

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