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I used a 120 volt 3 amp mosfet, had to change resister to 33 ohms and used a nine volt battery. It pulls 1 amp from the battery. Battery doesn't last very long. A heat sink was needed on the mosfet.
sdobbie (author)  timdgoodpaster5 years ago
I think my mosfets are only about 10 amps. I have made a step up transformer driver and at 18 volts it needs a very large heatsink.
I did a setup again today using 24 volts input. Output 350 Khz and the scope showing 120 vpp open circuit. The wave form on the scope was a pure sine wave That impressed me.

To keep the heat down I used a 20 watt 24 volt light bulb placed at the input of the 24 volt power supply.

I then installed a bridge rectifer charging a 300 Mf cap. It took about 5 sec. to charge the cap to max voltage of 80 volts.
sdobbie (author)  timdgoodpaster5 years ago
I charged up a capacitor out of a camera with my setup and it exploded before reaching its rated voltage.