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Your mason jar and piggy bank is incredible, unbelievable. Awesome job.

I recently just finished my third fourth mod for my son's nerf gun's, the longshots are such terrible guns no one ever used them, however, this site has provided so much tutorials and instructables that their guns can shoot now. I think it's more than fair that I provide something to gives back to this community, so, I try to plant tutorials back in. Thanks for visiting and giving some feedback on my tutorials.

seamster (author)  stubnosec364 days ago

Thank you very much!

I'm glad you're sharing your own projects with this community! I've never actually made any mods to my kids' nerf guns, but I always enjoy seeing what people come up with. Your refinished guns all looked excellent!

The Juliart19 days ago

Thank you very much for your kind words. It being my first instructable made me wonder if it would be ok. I love your work ,the Mason jar is so special.

Sencerly Julia

bdubu1 month ago

Thanks seamster for posting first comment on my instructable too! Hey, you've got lots of great instructables!

seamster (author)  bdubu1 month ago

Hey, I'm glad you're here and hope to see more great projects from you!

Thanks for being my first comment! Also for the stop sign instructable. I saw that last night when I was creeping around on here trying to figure out if I was going to make one. Next project- your awesome sewing machine table!! Thank you sir!

Thanks also for being my first comment. it really boosted my self esteem when I saw that

seamster (author)  chopping block farm11 months ago

You're very welcome. Glad you liked my projects! I'm always making random stuff (like most folks), and this is just a great platform to share and get ideas.

I looked at your website the other day and told my wife "hey, we just need to start a farm like these guys." I was very impressed with it all, and wish you the best of luck.

Nice woodwork!

Fantastic collection

explocivo123 months ago

nice collection. and it was simple to make the thing i posted

KanwarSingh3 months ago

Nice collection :)

JM19993 months ago

Thanks for subscribing to my channel, I hope you enjoy my upcoming project ;-)

JM1999 JM19993 months ago

Oops, should have been "projects ;-)"

Steamcrunk4 months ago

Glad to meet you. Glad to be back here after a long hiatus making things!