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I am an outsider artist, Very familiar with the craziness. I love animals. Aspire to be insider artist. Wish I had different username.
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    Funky Armadillo

    I made this Funky armadillo lawn ornament and entered it into the Clay contest.

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    Funky Armadillo

    Hey, it probably wouldn't hurt if you wanted to go to Instructables and maybe go to their clay contest and maybe vote for me? But you can also see from the many many other contests if their are any you can kick butt in. The prizes are always like really really phenomenol. When did I forget to spell? You should check out those contests. they have pumpkin carving and several costume ones. I don't want to tell you the prize for the pumpkin carving one.

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    Young African Bull Elephant

    Your work is really masterful. I do love the Ultimate Paper Mache posts and the work Jonni does is fantastic, but you bring your own style to it, and I love it. I need to check out those recipes. I have a 5 gallon drum of some other paste or caulk, but haven't heard of the drywall one. Will you please make a whole bull elephant?

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    Cardboard Fountain

    I absolutely love it too, and I'm with Karen, you got skills, sell it and make another. But I say, Make it water proof and put a real pump up inside it. They don't cost that much. They aren't hard to figure out. Real cheap on Ebay. Just don't get the tiniest one and score a little tubing. You could keep the cardboard look in a few places and just laminate it, or whatever, like ruins, and Stucco is great to work with . You Might need two coats, a regular coat and a finish coat. I think it's genius, It would look like Greek Ruins and you could just pop it in a big wide bucket/ thingy. Use more resin for fake water if you want, but let some real water flow too. I just can't keep my OPINIONS to myself

    I just look at this and look at it. It's so beautiful I want a huge one in my yard

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    How to make a mini fountain-stream

    Oh MAN, AWESOME! That rock is either a little soft or you have a really powerful drill but it looks fantastic. Have you ever read that recipe with Buttermilk and stuff that you paint on buckets or rocks, and some sort of moss starts growing there in about 3 days? that would be awesome. I voted for this. LOVE IT

    Oh shoot, its not in the contest! Well I favorited it and followed you.

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    Piñata Made From Cardboard

    I had to vote on this pinata because you DIDN"T kill a shark like Damien Hirst and it is really awesome and cool. But the FUN part of pinatas, is getting a bunch of that tissue paper and a pencil, and a plate of glue, and gossiping with a friend while you spend HOURS pressing tissue paper over the pencil eraser , dip it in glue, and stick it to the pinata, my friend. and not randomly. You have to draw out a color map. Or you can pay a couple of teenage girls 5 bucks each and chocolate chip cookie ingredients!

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    House Lamp

    This is just awesome! And I'm about to enter my project today, but it's still so awesome I voted for it in both categories. I really admire your attention to detail and architectural sense of design that makes this so enchanting to look at. You're going somewhere in life, could be anywhere, but it will be somewhere greatand happy!

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    how to wire-up a light bulb-socket

    Oh wow! You have just improved my life 100% at least. I love to come up with creative and really cool Ideas for lamps, but my husband NEVER had time to wire them or show me how! You are fantastic! So if you don't have a cord laying around, I guess you could just cut the cord off the toaster. (after you unplug it) Toast is just burnt bread. I see potential lamps plugged in all over the house! haha jk

    (actually, I was just making tiny lamps out of night lights you buy at the dollar store, I probably won't abandon that altogether.)

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    DIY Cactus Shelving Unit

    I love it! I love how the whimsy of it actually holds more stuff! I definitely voted for it!

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    Bulb Art

    How in the world can you even get it out? When I was 6 I won the lottery for the class goldfish, and I knew I had to clean the scum out of the bowl regularly. I was actually too little for the job but I still did it every week. I still have a scar between my fingers from dropping the bowl in the sink, and rescuing the fish from between two pieces of glass. Amazingly, he was unhurt. I found a suitable temporary bowl for him before I tended my half cut off finger. I didn't look for a light bulb.

    I don't like PETA, but i do love animals, and a fish isn't a decoration, or a piece of "art" reguardless of what Damien Hirst thinks. (Who is NOT an artist, but a wanna be, a middle school kid with a thought disorder on Frog Dissection day, which I also hate) Sorry, I think this is terrible, not the idea of using a light bulb creatively, but using it as a prison for an animal. how do you clean it properly. But mostly, why make an animal suffer when you could instead give it a nice big aquarium with another fish to be with.

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