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  • Serial communication between Arduino, HTML & Chrome

    I don't understand the benefit of this project. I just got this working. As far as I can tell, webpage is reading a serial data. Arduino is connected to my computer via hard wire, and the webpage is hosted on the same computer. The webpage asks for the com number, so I don't see how it can run from a different computer. Isn't running a webserver on arduino better so that I can view this from anywhere?

    Wow. Thank you for the reply. I agree that it is a cool idea. I don't know any html/javascript/css/jquery and I can see that Involt could just be the answer to my prayer. What I wanted to do eventually to have a web server running on a raspberry pie who is communicating wirelessly (on the same wifi network) with several arduino boards or ESP8266 that are hooked up to various stuff in the house like lights, humidity sensor, soil moisture sensor or sprinkler system. I wish I can press a button on the webpage, and it will telnet to an Arduino and read what Arduino says and display on the webpage. I tried bluetooth and the connection with windows PC or Macbook tends to be a bit unstable. I think wifi connection is the way to go. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

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