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  • sgali17 followed ScottSEA9 months ago
  • CatGenie:  Resetting a SaniSolution Cartridge

    Hi all,Unfortunately, the above didn't work. Can someone help me troubleshoot? A couple of items to note:1. There are two places on the sketch where I can upload the code. One says "for a loop" and the other is "single time" (I can add a screen shot when I get home)2. I have a 60 cartridge that I cracked open to put in a new solution bag and this is the one that I used to reset. Is that a problem?Any help would be appreciated.

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  • sgali17 commented on ScottSEA's instructable CatGenie: Resetting a SaniSolution Cartridge10 months ago
    CatGenie:  Resetting a SaniSolution Cartridge

    I tried doing all of these instructions. I bought the Arduino UNO. I don't have the 3V3 slot but the 3.3V (which I assume is the same). I get all the way through and when I plug in the cartridge the LED doesn't light up. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but not sure if I uploaded the sketch properly (it said download was complete and the lights blinked on the UNO, so again, I assumed it was downloaded).I need to get another part (it's the joiner of the two hoses because mine disintegrated and now the two hoses can't be joined). Once I do, I'll try the Genie to see if it will start, but again not sure if it will).

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