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mberg5 years ago
we got a lot in common my name is matthew, we like mountain biking, we like rc, and fishing. u should check my channel
how do u make duck tape?
sharlston (author)  RocketPenguin6 years ago
it was like a double sided tape that i put some thin sheets of rubber on
That isnt duct tape, thats just rubber with tape on it, duct tape has fabric on it
KnexFreek6 years ago
 THANKS FOR THE SUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sharlston (author)  KnexFreek6 years ago
no problem
... future
can visual studio 2008 with MSDN prenium subscription and Delphi 2010 professional create apps for windows to host a Domain registarar site building/uploading program and publish the domain adress. eg: cosmokey.com.au
sharlston (author)  shoyru_master_116 years ago
yeah im pretty sure it would why do you ask?
Hunter O.6 years ago
No problem
sharlston (author)  Hunter O.6 years ago