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  • sharooq commented on hidethecake's instructable Intro to Wood Burning2 years ago
    Intro to Wood Burning

    Hi, I also wanted to try pyrography. But I invested in a soldering iron instead of a wood burner tool. Well, my first iron stopped heating after the first try, then I went ahead and got a new one. Well 6 keychains later it got burned out on me again. Ever since I'm wondering if the soldering iron's purpose is to heat up ,solder and cool down, and I was keeping it heated for a longer time, maybe thats why it didnt work. Any leads, ideas on this logic?. Shall I get a wood burner tool now, i'm enjoyong this art. Can you guide me to get which one will last longer. As I'm from Pakistan and we don't get hobby tools easily so I probably will have to order from the US. Please, your guidance will be appreciated. Thanks

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