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    DIY dentistry

    Fluoride internally is completely ineffective, its not a supplement, nor an essential element. Fluoride ONLY works on contact with your teeth by helping to bond calcium making enamel, taking fluoride internally will displace calcium and make your bones and teeth weaker. Fluoride is poison, it says so on any product that contains it except tap water. Fluoridated water is such a stupid idea, first hardly any water from the tap ends up on your teeth, unless you brush your teeth with it and usually you brush with fluoridated toothpaste already. Fluoride consumption over time can lead to a variety of health problems, including making your teeth very ugly looking indeed. Fluorides value is solely confined to topical use on the teeth. Flouride water for babies is the dumbest idea of all time and has zero medical value, to the contrary in fact. Babies dont have teeth and fluoride does not work internally. Even on baby teeth its absurd. The risks far outweigh the benefits with infants, because there is not any benefit. Fluoride internally will make your bones fragile and teeth are part of your skeletal system. Dental fluorosis is common and the damage done is not confined to your teeth, you whole skeleton will be damaged. Fluoride has a long history as an insecticide/pesticide and is generally regarded as a poisen,

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