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You are awwsome
good your origami :D
FALCON4EVR4 years ago
You mam, have just given me a list of things to try to do. And for that, I thank you.
sherrycayheyhey (author)  FALCON4EVR4 years ago
Awesome, you're welcome :)
thank you for the sweet unicorn poop comment :) i really appreciate it :D <3 <3
monsterlego4 years ago
OMG!! nice profile pic!!
sherrycayheyhey (author)  monsterlego4 years ago
Thank you! It is my favorite photo of a Series 1 and not to brag or anything but I was pretty impressed that I was able to take such a good picture.
As in series 1 ninja?
sherrycayheyhey (author)  monsterlego4 years ago
As in Minifigures Series 1. The ones that come in the mystery bags.
Ohh, i have a few of those. (i collect minifigs I'm up to about 150)
sherrycayheyhey (author)  monsterlego4 years ago
Wow! I have series 1-3 so far and the minifigs from various sets. I don't know how many I have but 150 probably beats it haha.
sherrycayheyhey (author)  monsterlego4 years ago
Aww, my first Lego patch, thank you so much. I really am getting into these things.
no prob. :)