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Dec. 6, 2006
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  • Easy Android controllable, PC Interfaceable Relatively Cheap Mini Quadcopter (or Octocopter!) Drone...

    Hey,Sounds like a cool project!Unfortunately, this instructable, with enough imagination, effort, blood, sweat and tears be used as a basis for a project like that, it's probably not the best place to start.This project demonstrates how to send the same signals to a drone that a human-driven-remote-control would. It doesn't address any of the difficult problems in your project like collision avoidance or identifying the position of a given drone.As far as i know the closest solutions for this kind of swarming problem still make use of sophisticated motion capture suites with lots of high speed cameras and dedicated hardware, and are basically 'cheating' because the copters can only fly inside the motion capture environment/room.But the good news: 1. I'm not an expert, and could be completely wrong 2. The difficult problems are the most fun, and gain you the most kudos once solved!Take it easyShez

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