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Oct. 29, 2013
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  • sholling commented on 32Tudor's instructable How to fix cloudy headlights8 months ago
    How to fix cloudy headlights

    Paint Finish from ScratchBill WarnerTechnical ManagerPro-Spray Automotive FinishesI hear a lot of people complaining about getting sand scratches in their finish under the clearcoat. I tell them that all you have to do is move to a finer grit sandpaper.They want to prepare panels with coarser sandpaper because it appears to cut faster, which it does because it’s more aggressive. But it’s also cutting deeper, and the guys don’t equate to the deeper part. So they try to solve the issue by spending more money on colorless basecoat, or color blender as we call it. They’ve been taught this by the paint companies. But I tell them you don’t need it if you move to a finer grit sandpaper because it gives you more surface area than a coarser grit sandpaper does.There is actually more little abrasive minerals on that 800 grit sheet than the 180, but they’re spread out more. Therefore, it leaves a coarser and deeper scratch, but you don’t have as big a tooth or surface area covered with sand scratches. But guys think if they move to a finer grit, they’ll lose adhesion. That’s when I tell them my recommendation: anything from 1200 to 1500 grit, but realistically you could probably use 1000.

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