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  • shomas commented on krmartin3's instructable DC Boost Converter6 months ago
    DC Boost Converter

    Even at 100% efficiency, no one can boost 12v@300 amps (3600 watts) to 18v@300 amps (5500 watts): Laws of physics, as in energy can neither be created or destroyed.

    capacitor inductor capacitor (pi filter) will clean up a lot of noise. The second capacitor needs very low ESR rating for best performance from the filter

    Your issue is two fold. One, by itself the voltage is too low. bump it up with more in series before you boost it. two, the power produced is extremely low and such that drawing even a modest amount of current drops the voltage to unusable levels. You need consider this last point when pairing it with a load, because your not going to pull 5 watts from a device that produces less than a watt.

    Can not get more energy out than is put in. Laws of physics and all. His units were given in volts and amp, but it were possible to build a booster to his specs, then for each second it runs it would create more energy than it consumes.

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