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hardlec7 years ago
I am considering using a vacuum bag to "clamp" numerous stacks of laminations. Material: Cardboard. Glue: Latex paint. Project: a series of 12 inch by 12 inch panels. Could your project be up-sized? I have an air compressor and an adapter to make it into a vacuum pump. I would like to know what sort of valve I should put in my bag. Then maybe I can maybe my own instructable.
shortshift (author)  hardlec7 years ago
With an air compressor pump you should be able to do 12"x12" panels...I think you might even be able to pull a big enough vacuum with the hand pump method but it really depends on how much pressure you want to apply. One thing about the shape: if it's just cardboard, your piece will likely warp a lot under the vacuum in the bag. You might consider applying some PVA release agent to a sheet of glass, then doing your laminate over that, and then finally taping down a sheet of vacuum bag material over the glass (or just envelloping the entire assembly in a vacuum bag, provided you soften the edges of the glass with a few layers of duct tape or the like... As for valves, you can find those at any shop which sells vacuum bagging equipment. they'll have them in boating supply stores since there's always a lot of fiberglass work being done on marine projects. I used a smaller type of valve that you can get from an aquarium supply store. I believe i listed it in my sources in the instrucatable.
there are lots of marine supply places here on the west coast of FL. I'll have to check a couple. I was thinking of laying my stacks of laminations on 5/8 MDF with a couple of layers of newspaper in between.
shortshift (author) 9 years ago
deprecation is best served to self
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very true.