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  • Make a Static Electricity Generator & Cast Lightning from Your Fingertips

    how do i insulate the wires? i cannot get heat shrink tubings . can i use eletrical tape? also whats the logic behind grounding ourself? does that mean the person u want to shock must not be wearing shoes coz the rubber might insulate them<sorry for the dumb questions but i seriously cannot figure it out>

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  • How to Make a Static Electricity Generator - Shock Anything & Fry Electronics with a Touch!

    Hello. Since u seem to be the goto guy on the forum. I have a question. I got the same generator with two white wires with feather like ends. I got the ends off to reveal the wire inside. Then I joined both the whites to one. When I use the ground wire made by connecting a separate wire to the power terminal, arcs form between the output and this wire but when I stand with the setup. There isn't any static generated /visible on my finger. What do I do.? Can I like pour water on the surface and stand to shock anyone I touch? One more thing. Is it okay if I don't insulate the wires with heat shrink and use insulation tape /electrical tape instead.?.... Thanks alot.

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